Mia – Born an Easter European, and raised in US in the beginning of my pre-teen years, and now residing between Portland, OR and Berlin,Germany, due to being married to a German hunk. Being a Russian American gives me an advantage to see past one culture, which is what inspires and drives my work. My inspiration, style, and design direction comes from trends around the world, making my style and work timeless.
My goal is to capture, and create timeless content (photo and/or design) that is unique and never goes out of style.

Gathering little bits and pieces of what makes art stay unforgettable all around the world, catching onto trends of design throughout time and history.

I’m absolutely driven by vision, aesthetic , and a personal emotional connection. I am here to serve the style savvy, the visionaries, and the ones hungry to stay unique.

Specializing in, but not limited to, lifestyle and wedding photography, design, and social media management and content generation.


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