"a fire for every experience and an obsession for raw moments"

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Mia – Born an Easter European, and raised in US, now residing between Portland, OR and Berlin,Germany. Capturing RAW moments, passionately living, creating, and traveling to different ends of the world.


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“Less but Better”

– Dieter Rams

My photography work reflects real raw emotions, as opposed to posed and pretension. I also believe in “The devil is in the details” Details tell stories, they are evidence of life, they are what makes the whole picture, and so I am passionate about the little details that paint a whole story.

I am obsessed with capturing moments that show a real human connection, that messy nervous hard laughter shared between 2 people in love, brides that cry tears of joy and sentiment, and essences of any moments.

I am interested in working with those that care for the art of photography. I approach every single project with my whole heart, and deliver results that I’m emotionally connected to, and I expect the same on the other end.

My design work reflects simplicity that delivers a complex message simply. I follow the rule of “Less is Better” when it comes to design.

I believe in timeless photography and design, over work that follows trends, and my goal is to create art that will stay timeless, that is still relative in years to come.